Precious Metal Trade Linkers (Regd.) is a Delhi based company which detects Iridium. It has the appropriate infrastructure to send its personnel anywhere within India and search for any traces of Iridium available. The employees of the organization are professionals having ample experience in this specialized field. We are proud to say that we happen to be one of the vary few companies in India that can boast of having the proper expertise that is needed to search for this elusive element. Our intuition says that we will strike Iridium before long.

About Iridium

Iridium got its name from the Latin word "iris" meaning rainbow. Iridium and Osmium were discovered at the same time by the British chemist Smithson Tennant in 1803. Iridium and osmium were identified in the black residue remaining after dissolving platinum ore with aqua regia, a mixture of 25 % nitric acid (HNO3) and 75% hydrochloric acid (HCL). Today,Iridium is still obtained from platinum ores and as a by product of mining nickel. 


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